Fostering Fidelity- patterns of faithfulness

How do we build fidelity? It is easy to quote the “thou shall nots”. It is harder to exemplify “the quality of being faithful”! This sermon offers seven specific practices that foster fidelity!  We will explore questions! What does it mean to “forsake all others”? Does our vow entail forsaking possessions, playthings, and power for our partner? […]

Being Honorable

The rabbis teach that it takes 3 forces to bring a life into the world, a mother, a father, and God. Honoring our parents honors God the Giver of Life. Hear the fifth and sixth commandments. “Honor your father and your mother so that your life will be long on the fertile land that the […]

Keeping the Sabbath holy- ceasing so that we might meet God

The Bible offers two tellings of Moses receiving the 10 Commandments. One in Exodus and another in Deuteronomy. Against a literalism, we might notice that although the Sabbath commandment is largely the same, one saying “remember” and the other “observe,” Exodus and Deuteronomy offer different supporting arguments. Let’s hear the word of God.   “Remember […]

Avoiding Vain Speech- using care when speaking for God

Growing up, my parents back porch was a sort of sanctuary. One of dad’s younger brothers, Uncle Dave often came to visit, Uncle David, 15 years younger than dad, was a successful businessman with newer, nicer cars, finer clothing, and more sophisticated tastes than his older brother. My parent’s home offered warmth and love that […]

Our God of Personal Pronouns- Exploring the First Two Commandments

If I stood at center ice of Bridgestone arena, grabbed the microphone and said “I believe that hockey is the greatest sport in the world” would that make me a hockey player? Or would I need to learn how to ice skate? Would I need to understand what the blue line is for? Shouldn’t I […]