Easter: Breathe, Forgive, Persist

Like all preachers, I want you to leave here saying, “I saw Jesus.”  If I could hand out a little Easter Sampler Basket to give you that then I would. It might hold beautiful wrapped gold foiled delights: “A sense of the Holy, Awe before the Creator, knowledge that you are made in God’s image, […]

Take off your shoes- This is a Holy Week.

My dad worked as a factory foreman; Mom taught fourth grade. My deeply generous and very frugal parents took us on a trip every summer where we stayed with friends or family.  We never went to an amusement park,  but always to a museum: Chicago’s Field Museum, The Gateway Arch and the Kansas Agriculture Hall […]

Forget the glorious past- I Am is with us.

When you pass through the waters…. When you swim through the river to the last station….. When the Lord, makes a way through the sea, cutting a path through the mighty waters….. Don’t remember that- don’t ponder ancient history. Look! Right now! I Am is doing a new thing; it sprouts up; don’t you recognize […]