Unwrapping the Christmas mystery

Uncle Clellon was a bit of an oddball for example as a lifelong bachelor farmer, he ran irrigation pipes to dry fields, but never saw the need to pipe running water into the house.  Sill, every Christmas Eve, the Purdues, Sanders, Simms, Scotts,  Greys, Harolds, and Hendrix families gathered in  a five room home. The […]

“Do not be afraid- God is with us”

In the sixth month, God sent a named angel to unremarkable small town to speak a virgin named Mary.  Mary’s family had signed the arranged marriage contract with Joseph, but the wedding was months away.  Mary and Joseph may have met a few times, but only in the presence of a chaperone.  God’s messenger greets […]

Holy Disquiet- God’s voice in our longings

A deep sense that “this is not right” may be the birth of a new vision for our living. It may be that God is not silent, when the walls fall down and the pleasant places seemed ruined, but that God is longing to do a new thing in us and through us.   Oh if […]