What does this mean? remembering

With more luck than planning, we visited Gettysburg on the 150th anniversary of the battle, arriving early enough to park in the closest parking lot. The next day, we celebrated the Fourth of July in Philadelphia, toured Constitution Hall, and saw the Liberty Bell through the glass wall. We then drove to New York City, […]

Everyday Ethics and a Grand Purpose

What are your everyday ethics?  What metrics guide your daily living? Paul’s letters often offer little passages dedicated to everyday ethics. You might think of these passages as “Checklist for Christian living,” or “Christian Rules to Live By” or a “Jesus’ daily metrics” Our passage in Romans’ 12 revolves around Jesus’ Great Commandment Part B: “Loving […]

Jesus and DACA

Professing to follow Jesus means we strive to see the world through Jesus’ eyes.  We put on our Jesus Glasses.  The Gospel becomes a corrective lense testing and adjusting our political vision.  Some policies may elledue clear Christian ideals, but Jesus speaks clearly in regards to  “Dreamers” or any policy on DACA (Deferred Action for […]

Jesus, keys, and “loosening” power: beyond a theology of “no”!

Once upon a time, near a wide spot in a Tennessee road, lived Mrs. Grace. For forty three years Anna Grace taught algebra and calculus at the high school and played the piano every Sunday at a her little Methodist church. One afternoon Mrs. Grace dropped by church to get ready for choir rehearsal and […]

Chalottesville’s ground

Lord, as they hoist hateful flags, does the blood drawn by the bondsman’s lash still cry out from Charlottesville’s ground? Jesus, you hung upon that tree, enduring the mob’s taunts, the politician’s calculations, and the preacher’s silence; forgive us for locking doors and averting our eyes. Give us ears to hear the fears and frustrations […]

a holy moment resonates forever

On June 18th, I will preach for the last time as the pastor of Tullahoma FUMC.  As we exchange farewells, I find myself reflecting on what remains after we part. Life holds infinite worth.  A simple cup of cold water lovingly offered to a thirsty child endures into eternity, “never losing its’ reward.” (Matthew 10:42). […]

Tips for these tough allegations

How do we respond to tragic events reported in our newspaper regarding a teacher’s arrest? This is not your fault. We do not know what all the charges in this case might be. However, please know that in any case of possible child exploitation: it is never the young person’s fault.  Do not blame the […]