Why are you angry?

Have you ever resisted doing something you knew God was calling you to do? Why do we flee from Christ’s teachings that we know can grow in us a meaningful life? Why hesitate to give, forgive, love, keep Sabbath, offer mercy, or catalyze justice?   We won’t discover why Jonah resisted God’s call until the 3rd […]

70×7 enough Love to heal

When I arrived at the wedding venue, the best man shared that his only assignment for the wedding day was to keep Josh happy. That was not an easy task. It seemed like Josh was not happy unless he had a drink in his hand. Everyone seemed preoccupied with making sure Josh did not make […]

Love Protects Workers

It was a sticky August weekday, and I was wearing a suit. In that county seat town, a jacket and tie generally meant were headed to a funeral, wedding, or court. The Chamber of Commerce Chair had asked me to offer a prayer at the new Chamber building. As I pulled  into the freshly blacktopped […]

They did not obey

“A new king came to power in Egypt who didn’t know Joseph.” Do you remember Joseph, the dreaming youngest child of Jacob and Rachel? Jacob lavished Joseph with fancy gifts like a multi colored dinner jacket. Every now and again Jacob sent Joseph to check on his older brothers as they camped out in the […]

She keeps shouting at us…

How does one preach about the mysteries of our faith? Do we explain the holy or open up space for awe? The Apostle Paul said, “Think of us (preachers) as servants of Christ and stewards of God’s mysteries.” (1 Corinthians 4:1) When reading the Bible our presumptions about holy mystery color our understanding and application. […]

Ruth The Musical!

Our Jewish kinfolks placed Ruth within a grouping called “The Writings”, along with books like Ester, Jonah, and Job. The Christian editors placed Ruth in the history section between Judges and 1 Samuel. Friends, Ruth is more of a play than a history. Ruth begins with a kind of “once upon a time”, “during the […]

Compassion Makes Us Brave!

Camp Compassion is our online VBS, where we are learning that compassion means: “I see your hurt, I feel your hurt with you, and I’ll work to ease your hurt.” This week we chatted about how compassion helps us be brave. I was turning that phrase over in my head,“compassion helps us be brave” , […]

Jesus’ political kin-dom: separating church and state.

I lived at home while going to the University of Kentucky and worked at the YWCA  Afterschool program. Every weekday, I parallel parked a 15 passenger van in two school zones, played Whiffle ball, soccer, went swimming, double dutched, went to the library, and helped with homework. It was a great job!   As a […]