“You are my child”

Have you heard Heaven’s Voice speaking: “You are my child, my Beloved; I rejoice in you”?  Do we believe the Good News that “God loves us” and that “God loves the world”?     When Jesus was baptized, Jesus was praying. Jesus was praying and heaven itself opened up. The Holy Spirit descended upon Jesus […]

Christ comes to challenge Caesar

“This will be a sign to you: a baby wrapped in rags and lying in the manger” As we hurry towards Christmas cheer, let us slow down and watch for angel’s signs.  Ponder the holy mystery- the Creator dwelling with us- the newborn king sleeping in feedbox cradle. Tonight, Almighty God comes as vulnerable as […]

a personal faith is not enough

“You brood of vipers! Who warned you to flee from the wrath to come? Bear fruits worthy of repentance. Don’t say, ‘Hey, my name is on the church role.’ God can grow baptismal certificates like leaves on the magnolias outside our church. No!  Live differently.” Who preaches like that? Who attends that church?   Tom […]

A Holy Wind…

As a college student, I spent a summer in Minnesota working as a summer missionary. I had loved riding my bicycle in high school, so when one of our hosts offered the use of their very nice road bike, I decided to trade my daily run for a nice long ride. Minnesota in the summer […]

Hope and the Art of Forgiving

If we  aim to live like Jesus, we must strive to master the art of forgiveness.   A sermon usually explores only one part of complex ideas like love, grace forgiveness or hope.  So, unless we take a few hours in a symposium,this sermon must leave a few strings untied. With that in mind, let me […]