A Holy Wind…

As a college student, I spent a summer in Minnesota working as a summer missionary. I had loved riding my bicycle in high school, so when one of our hosts offered the use of their very nice road bike, I decided to trade my daily run for a nice long ride. Minnesota in the summer […]

Hope and the Art of Forgiving

If we  aim to live like Jesus, we must strive to master the art of forgiveness.   A sermon usually explores only one part of complex ideas like love, grace forgiveness or hope.  So, unless we take a few hours in a symposium,this sermon must leave a few strings untied. With that in mind, let me […]

Hope sees people- not as problems or positions

Have you ever seen a photograph of a beautiful Cardinal or a brilliant Blue Jay perched on a branch eating a berry- perhaps, on a Christmas card? Hang onto that tranquil image as you imagine walking to your garden. It is early in the morning but late in the berry season. You come, coffee cup […]

Your Life Matters

How are you sleeping? I will confess to waking up with a bit stress. Maybe it is eleven murders at the Pittsburgh synagogue, two African Americans murdered in Louisville, or pipe bombs sent by a right wing terrorist. I am distressed that our nation, that once held up a hopeful light over Ellis Island saying […]

Jesus- a voter guide

  Jesus’ foremost commandment is to “love your neighbor as  yourself”. ( Matthew 22:36) Jesus uses an immigrant to define “neighbor.” (Luke 10:25-37) Jesus provided free healthcare to all. (Mark 6:56, Luke 5:15, Matthew 4:23 & 9:35) Jesus warns: “You cannot serve God and wealth”  (Matthew 6:24) Jesus warns that feeding the hungry, welcoming strangers, […]

Jesus Brings A Hopeful Sign

  Walls can do great things. Walls hold in the heat during winter and hold up the roof that  keeps out the rain. Sometimes people put up walls to keep others away! Signs on those walls might read: “Keep out”, “Private”, “No Trespassing”, or “Members Only.” How do you feel when someone  tells you to […]