Waiting for Hope- Advent One- Sermon and Candle Lighting

A heart for hope Advent Candle Reading Number One   The land was devastated. The prophet Jeremiah imprisoned. Through tears Jeremiah preached of a coming hope. The Lord will rebuild. The Lord will restore. The Lord will cleanse. The Lord will heal. The Lord is our hope. Call to the Lord! Our God will answer! […]

Amid Alzheimer’s -Taking Joy in the Smallest things

Sorting our mail that rarest of treasures slides to the top: a handwritten envelope in familiar script. My eyes dart to the return address for a clue as to the card’s contents. As part of Youth Group our seventeen year-old Lewis wrote his grandmother. Sitting at the kitchen table Mom slowly opens the envelope. She […]

A Heart for Hope Sunday, we begin our journey towards Hope with the Prophecies of Jeremiah (Jer. 33). Jeremiah wrote from prison as the nation literally collapsed around him. This Weeping Prophet foresaw God rebuilding, restoring, and healing even as the Babylonians sacked the Temple. Join us Sunday as we prepare our hearts and turn […]

Gratitude, Tennessee Football, Temptation, Worship, and Consumption

About a month ago, we spent a Saturday at Neyland Staduim.   It kind of reminded me of church. There was a processional, the band leading us down the Vol Walk.   There were pilgrims from all over sharing food and drink. People donned specialized orange clothing demonstrating their devotion.   We sang special anthems like our hymnal […]

Strive to be great- enrich the world with your gifts

What is greatness? Who is great? What makes for a great life? In Luke 22 the disciples begin to argue about who is the greatest. Funny, they argue about greatness in the presence of Jesus. We may be too sophisticated to openly argue about our personal power and our significance. The disciples might have subtly […]