Get your feet wet: sermon notes for 2/9/14

Sunday I will be asking these questions as I preach about Matthew 14. There are a few quotes too!    Get your feet wet Sermon Notes & Questions   In Matthew 14, Jesus and the disciples seek to ________________ after hearing terrible news. Instead they end up ______________________  people. Immediately Jesus made the disciples get […]

the Bible affirms work

A Short  Roll Call of  Biblical Servants by Profession  Adam, Eve, Able and Elisha who farmed Abraham and Sara, shepherds and traders Joseph a minister of agriculture Erastus, a director of public works Noah a vine-dresser, prophet, captain, zookeeper David a shepherd, musician, poet, warrior, king Bezalel and Aholiab builders silversmiths, artisans, and weavers Heman, […]

A Prayer for Commerce

A few weeks ago I was asked to pray at the Chamber of Commerce Annual Diner.  I spent some time pondering how exactly to pray.  It struck me that God called working people: Abraham, Moses, Peter and Lydia.  Jesus even took on a trade.  I am not sure the church has articulated a good theology […]