Light of the world

Light of the World Light bathing shepherds in heavenly light Light shining hope to distant sages Light cradling Mary and Joseph Light flowing from a feed-box throne Light encompassing the Creator come as child Light driving back eternal night Light warming our frigid hearts Light illuminating all who will kneel Light guiding our path Light eclipsing our sin […]

what can I do about Sandy Hook

The Sandy Hook evil seems unimaginable.  It numbs or inflames our senses.   Sandy Hook pushes the limits of human depravity or brokenness.  It lies so far beyond normal human sinfulness and failure that it shocks us.  Yet, the deep grief we all feel reminds us that humanity rejects such violence and longs for something better.   As we […]

standing in hope

The darkness chills.  The evil seems unimaginable.  It numbs.  The inhumanity tingles the hairs on the back of our necks. We feel that primal urge to flee or fight as our eyes widen.  Anger flashes up, quick and hot.  The desire for justice slips easily over to our rawer taste for revenge.  Unconsciously we look […]

a fake mantel: a real Christmas

For the first 12 years, our boys hung their stockings on a faux-mantel.  Our parsonage lacked a fireplace, so I crafted one from some old barn wood.  Two strings of twinkling Christmas lights, woven into the fire scene, painted onto a bed sheet, sparkled and danced with holiday cheer.  Trial-by-error stress testing proved the whole […]

Savior Wreath Devotion  December 9-15-Advent week 2 You shall call him “Jesus, for this child shall save people from their sins” Savior “Jesus” the name means “God’s Salvation” Jesus, we call you Savior; but, what do you come to save us from? Save us from the stain, sickness, sorrow, sadness, and separation of sin Save […]

an Advent wreath/candle devotion

Emmanuel Emmanuel, God-With-Us Emmanuel, God-With-Us: leaving heaven’s peaceful comfort   God-With-Us in the smell, sound, chaos and shelter of the stable God-With-Us, almost helpless; Mary whispers a lullaby blessings for her nursing child God-With-Us as a midwife cleans and fashions a makeshift cradle God-With-Us as shepherds offer midnight harmonies to the Christmas child God-With-Us as […]