Words at My Son’s Wedding

Things looked bleak in the Thirty Second chapter of Jerimiah. Babylon had laid siege to Jerusalem. Famine, fire, and disease engulfed Jerusalem. King Zedeikiah imprisoned Jeremiah for telling the truth. Inside prison, the Word of the Lord came to Jeremiah prompting the prophet to purchase a field. Jeremiah ensured the parchment contract would endure by […]

Coming Back

Sunday, I stepped to the pulpit, anointed my hands with sanitizer, and fumbled with how to best remove my mask before preaching. We are wearing masks to model compassion and identify with our vulnerable neighbors.  The mask is an outward sign of our inner commitment to “watch over one another in love.”  Unfortunately, my mask’s […]

Love turns the world upside down

The Acts’ 17 story sadly mirrors todays’ headlines. Imagine, a crowd fired up by their reactionary preachers. They rally in the Thessalonian square to defend traditional values. They shout down new ideas. The people turn violent and attack Jason’s house. They hope to bring Paul and Silas to justice before the people.  Unable to find […]

My Parent’s Gift

I don’t believe the same beliefs  that my mother did  but we share the same faith. I don’t fear the same devils  that my grandparents did  but we share the same hope I don’t cherish the same laws that my father did  but we share the same love  Faith advances unseen  Hope preserves  Love never […]

After the Ascension: Christian Adaptation

I want to invite you to imagine that the Bible simply ended with Jesus’ Ascension. Jesus ascends and sits down in heaven. Imagine: that forty days after Easter, the disciples gather atop Matthew’s mountain. The Risen Christ speaks “peace be with you” and  shows them the wounds in his hands and side. Jesus shares a […]