New Year! New Road?

A New Year reminds us of the possibilities of new roads.  We, mainline churches, begin the new year with a holy day: Epiphany. Epiphany means “an appearance of God’s divine presence.”  On Epiphany we remember the Magi. These wise ones came from the east, outside of the known traditions to seek and find Christ. The […]

Congregation Netzach Yisroel

Our lectionary passage from the prophets reads…. During all their distress, God also was distressed, so a messenger who served God saved them. In love and mercy God redeemed them, lifting and carrying them throughout… Isaiah 63:9 Today we lift up our spiritual kindred especially those who are part of Congregation Netzach Yisroel, in Monsey […]

Christ Eve’s sign: God loves all

Growing up, I think we had semi-gloss ceilings. I loved to lay on the living room floor watching the christmas tree lights flicker across it’s shiny glaze.  Those tree lights came with sturdy bases that held giant screw in bulbs. Whenever a solid red, blue, orange, or green light went out, I replaced it with […]

Mary’s Universal YES! A sermon with Paul and Pastor Kate Fields

After my niece and nephew moved out, my youngest son spent the summer in my childhood home. A few days after Caleb moved back into the dorm, Connie drove to Lexington to see him. In Nashville, asleep on our couch, the phone woke me at 11pm. Connie blurted out, “It is raining in the house! […]


“Are you the Expected One, or should we look for another?” John the Baptist’s disciples came wondering if Jesus might bring a deeper rest, or if they should take their expectations elsewhere? The Christmas shopping season is filled with expectations and longings for connection, contentment and joy. We hope Santa leaves us a Lexus with […]

Christ came to teach us how to live

“The lands in longing call out your name; the tongues are diff’rent, the prayer the same. With humble spirits can we believe that God is bigger than we conceive? The will of heaven on this earth be done; the day is coming, oh, let it come. With willing spirits, Lord, let us dare to kneel […]

Prophets help us see

Three summers ago, we woke at 3:30am, packed up our camping gear and hiked out of the Grand Canyon. Following the park ranger’s advice, we left Phantom Ranch by 4am. in order to beat the projected 120 degree temperature.  Down in a 7,000 foot canyon it is dark at 4am. Being able to see the […]