ordinary miracle

If I look at my left thumb, I can observe the most miraculously ordinary biological drama unfolding.  Three weeks, several inches of black nylon, medical care and incredible engineering are turning a once bloody wound into a remarkable scar.   When I consider the two inches of pinkish newborn skin reconnecting my palm to my thumb, […]

Christ: changeless everchanging

One hundred years ago, Chevrolet’s first production car the Classic Six hit the streets. You started it with a hand crank. On my third birthday, Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. Each morning I put an altimeter, atlas, Bible, bookstore, camera, calendar, calculator, computer, compass, record player, TV, level, fax machine, and phone into my […]

who is sitting next to you

Every seat on the 6:30 flight from JAX was taken.  I sat by the window as the last stragglers looked for space in the crowded overhead bins.  She was the last to board and took the empty seat by me.  Looking away, she slid into the seat, slipped on sunglasses and plugged in ear-buds. Not […]

a fall. a bug, and stiches

Labor Day found me falling out of our boat as we put it on the trailer. Time stopped, as I tumbled towards the trailer and concrete below. I flung my head heavenward and whispered a prayer “don’t crack your head on that winch”.  I crashed down onto the trailer’s metal tongue shaking the hitch, trailer, […]

What is “church”?

Leaving a packed church after a Friday afternoon funeral, I am pondering the idea of “church”. Most Bibles translate the Greek word ECCLESIA as “Church”.  ECCLESIA means “the ones called out”.  In times of loss I often remember that we do not make our vows out to Jesus and a building.  No, we promise to […]

Relfections on a Sad Day September 11

Years ago Connie worked with Maureen.  Sometimes we went to dinner with Bill and Maureen. Bill offered an interesting New Yorker’s opinion.  We even baby sat in a few emergencies. On the Meehan’s frig, hung Billy’s first grade school picture. On picture day Billy found his dad’s electric razor and trimmed off one eyebrow.  On […]