Why are you angry?

Have you ever resisted doing something you knew God was calling you to do? Why do we flee from Christ’s teachings that we know can grow in us a meaningful life? Why hesitate to give, forgive, love, keep Sabbath, offer mercy, or catalyze justice?   We won’t discover why Jonah resisted God’s call until the 3rd […]

70×7 enough Love to heal

When I arrived at the wedding venue, the best man shared that his only assignment for the wedding day was to keep Josh happy. That was not an easy task. It seemed like Josh was not happy unless he had a drink in his hand. Everyone seemed preoccupied with making sure Josh did not make […]

Love Protects Workers

It was a sticky August weekday, and I was wearing a suit. In that county seat town, a jacket and tie generally meant were headed to a funeral, wedding, or court. The Chamber of Commerce Chair had asked me to offer a prayer at the new Chamber building. As I pulled  into the freshly blacktopped […]