Trinity: God in relationship

Whenever we read Bible stories, it is important to remember how ancient technology shaped the message. Etching ink into leather scrolls by hand was a slow, expensive, and specialized craft, and so most Bible stories read more like newspaper articles than novels or modern short stories. John does not waste words filling out the scene […]

Sabbath(ing): spiritual de-activity

Twenty-two years ago this June, I arose at about 4am and carefully slipped out of our Denver hotel room so as not to wake Connie or our sleeping 18 month old. I drove into Rocky Mountain National Park and hit the trail before the sun was up. I crossed over the treeline and scrambled over […]

“I am- really learning”

Belmont UMC’s 1914 cornerstone reads, “Made not after the law of a carnal commandment but after the power of an endless life.” Our unusual founding verse comes from the King James version of Hebrews 7:16. It could read, “made by the power of an indestructible life rather than a legal requirement.” Our church’s foundational verse […]

Where will Love send us?

Philip was a culturally Greek Christian, perhaps named after the world conquering Greek Emperor Phillip of Macedon. Phillip of Acts was one of seven original deacons and earned the moniker “Philip the Evangelist.” In time, Phillip’s four daughters would be named as prophets. (Acts 6 & 21) During a time of disruption, the church’s axis […]