Moving through difficult seasons

On Friday,  the sermon I sent to the staff did not begin with my sharing our United Methodist principals around abortion. It does today. In seminary a professor counseled us to read the church’s official statements during difficult seasons, because these statements offer collective wisdom often born by difficult deliberations, something we can never do […]

Radiate Unity

Once upon a time, a pastor was trying to describe the Mystery of the Trinity to a group of children in the three minute window her church allotted for a children’s moment. Our United Methodist Discipline describes the Holy Trinity in our Articles of Religion saying:  Article I — Of Faith in the Holy Trinity […]

Pentecost: seeing halos around us

God Emboldens Us June 5, 2022             Paul Purdue The second chapter of Acts reads like a creed or is it a poem?  When Pentecost arrived, the church was together. and they saw something like tongues of fire.  A tongue of fire alighted and rested over each one of them. […]