Hope and the Art of Forgiving

If we  aim to live like Jesus, we must strive to master the art of forgiveness.   A sermon usually explores only one part of complex ideas like love, grace forgiveness or hope.  So, unless we take a few hours in a symposium,this sermon must leave a few strings untied. With that in mind, let me […]

Hope sees people- not as problems or positions

Have you ever seen a photograph of a beautiful Cardinal or a brilliant Blue Jay perched on a branch eating a berry- perhaps, on a Christmas card? Hang onto that tranquil image as you imagine walking to your garden. It is early in the morning but late in the berry season. You come, coffee cup […]

Your Life Matters

How are you sleeping? I will confess to waking up with a bit stress. Maybe it is eleven murders at the Pittsburgh synagogue, two African Americans murdered in Louisville, or pipe bombs sent by a right wing terrorist. I am distressed that our nation, that once held up a hopeful light over Ellis Island saying […]

Jesus- a voter guide

  Jesus’ foremost commandment is to “love your neighbor as  yourself”. ( Matthew 22:36) Jesus uses an immigrant to define “neighbor.” (Luke 10:25-37) Jesus provided free healthcare to all. (Mark 6:56, Luke 5:15, Matthew 4:23 & 9:35) Jesus warns: “You cannot serve God and wealth”  (Matthew 6:24) Jesus warns that feeding the hungry, welcoming strangers, […]