Finding Shelter in God’s Family: First Sermon in Family Series

Family is pretty complicated. How do you define family? Or for me the question today is: How do you start a multi-week series about family? This week, I had at least three different ideas about how to start this series. I brought Jeff in to help me decide. He suggested I try all three, so […]

The Seven Minute Soul Check Up

“Abide” Friday, August 7, 2015 Pastor Paul Purdue’s Friday’s Rough Draft We offer this draft to assist those with difficulty hearing. On Sunday, we ask God to perfect this sermon in our hearing! Last week I preached from Joshua 24 about our need to follow God today. Joshua knew that our indecision is a decision. […]

Indecision is a decision. Sunday’s Sermon August 2, 2015

Indecision:  Friday’s Rough Draft   How can Lewis be a High School Senior? Wasn’t it yesterday that he rode his bike to elementary school?   Life unfolds in the midst of our busyness.   Life unfolds as we decide, eat at home or stop at Sonic. Decisions are made, lives are shaped as plan our weekends.   We […]