Faith is always learning

Ships, seas, trade winds and travel stir human imagination. In the verses before our passage Bishop Peter has been traveling around the Jerusalem Annual Conference and finds himself at the home of Simon the Tanner in the busy port of Joppa. I like to imagine Simon made the finest quality leather for the scrolls Luke […]

Jesus tossed us the keys to Heaven

Four inches of snow covered the roads, and it was still falling. Dad found me and said, “Your mother wants some things from the grocery; let’s go.” I smiled as it was easy to persuade Dad to buy Cheetos, Captain Crunch, Cokes, and other treats on Mom’s ‘no-buy’ list. Walking to the car, Dad tossed […]

Sunday always comes: Christ is with us and way ahead of us

“After the Sabbath, early in the morning, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went to look at Jesus’ tomb.” They brought spices to anoint Jesus’ body and wondered who would break the seal and roll back the stone. Mark clarifies that the “other Mary” was Mary the mother of James and adds Salome as an […]

Rep. Justin Pearson’s Easter message before being expelled from the Tennessee Statehouse

“Now, I don’t know how long this Saturday in the state of Tennessee will last, but I’ve got Good News: Sunday always comes, resurrection always comes. Resurrection is a promise and a prophecy!  We are still here and we will never quit.” Rep. Justin Pearson

Mercy matters more…

It was raining and cold that December Friday night, when I answered a call from one of my son’s friends. Blake wondered if the high school marching band might shelter in the church as they waited for the Christmas Parade to begin. Without much thought, I told Blake I would head that way to unlock […]