Darren Wright on Technology and God

Looking for God, Neighbors, and Ourselves Psalm 8, Luke 19:1-6, 21:1-2 I want to begin today by playing a little game. I’m going to read some quotes and I want to see if you can guess what they are about. A very well respected philosopher claimed this will surely “create forgetfulness in the learners’ souls, […]

The value of non-productivity

Do you ever feel a chirp of incompleteness, that nagging tug of the next thing, not enough time, the need to measure up, add another, get that, achieve like…, or not miss out? Our media saturated marketed driven world plays up incompleteness to buy our attention and sell us stuff. They amplify our perceived need […]

Love transcends words and creeds

In May of 2020, the United Methodist Church General Conference will bring together delegates representing the 136 countries that are a part of our worldwide denominational communion. Our own, Rev. Marie King is one of those delegates. Jacob Vaughan, Jefferson Furtado, Linda Furtado and I will be alternates there as well.  The gathering will consider […]