Advent: Name Our Longing

A lurking restlessness sat in- fight, flight, or freeze. My Breathing accelerated under my mask fogging my readers. It is hard to focus on a book in the emergency room. Should I have gone at all? Who will preach tomorrow? What if my symptoms are some novel presentation of Coronavirus? Is that coughing woman Covid […]

A Thanksgiving Letter

Dear Beloved Friends, Thanksgiving 2020 may feel as different as a Zoom wedding. 2020 has brought our family together with a Zoom funeral for Connie’s father, two virtual graduations, and our son’s wonderful live-streamed wedding. We are thankful for technology that can link us in times of deepest joy and loss. Like many of you, […]

Advent during the Pandemic

As we move into Advent, we face updated restrictions due to the rising Covid numbers. Perhaps the stress and separation we feel in this Covid year might pull us back towards the story of Christ coming into the world. Before the crowds swarm Christ seeking and finding acceptance, love, hope, healing and justice, God’s Incarnation […]

Rejoice In Christ’s Reign

John 2 tells us that Jesus’ first miraculous sign was turning about 120 gallons of water into wine. Jesus’ mother pressured Christ to perform a miracle to save a wedding feast from the embarrassment of running out of wine. The sommelier chides the groom, “Why did you not serve this heavenly vintage first?” Perhaps this […]

Why are we so afraid?

Once upon a time, there was a local lord who loved a growing market share. In Jesus’ telling, this baron was “hard” harvesting where they did not plant seed and gathering produce in another person’s fields. Jesus’ audience of poor people and pharisees knew these absentee landlords and would not have mistaken the “baron” for […]

Put away that easy faith

Before we get into the heart of the sermon, I want to address an issue with the text. Joshua describes a theology that we now see in a clearer light. After offering the people the option of serving old comfortable gods, Joshua calls the people into a harder covenantential relationship with a God of expectation. […]

A Prayer for the Election

Creator, Christ, Comforter  We come to you, bringer of Justice, Mercy and Love  Our nation is anxious as we elect leaders Our hearts are hardened and fingers extended:  Eyes averted, vision divided, fears rising  Ears stopped up, slogans reheated, points not conceded  Walls higher, lines sharper, words harsher Does forgiveness only come when we forgive […]