a sermon for our nation

Aboard a ship to Massachusetts in 1630, JOHN WINTHROP, who twelves times would be elected governor of the New England Colony, laid out a covenant for the Puritan settlers of the new world. Hear the communal ideas grounding “A Model of Christian Charity”. Winthrop wrote: “There are two rules whereby we are to walk one […]

Graduation, Virtue, and a short planting season

I scrolled through the computer files seeking photos for the Seniors’ Graduation Dinner.   Each photo rekindled a memory.   Lewis dressed as Woodie the Cowboy for Trunk or Treat, wearing a magi costume for the Christmas Pageant, sliding down the inflatable slide at VBS, or Lewis and Caleb hugging, grinning wildly, and covered in mud after […]

No matter what happens in Portland…

Every four years, during the already divisive American election season, 850 United Methodist delegates from all over Europe, Asia, the Philippines, Africa and the United States gather to conference together, worship together, and create or amend church law.   The delegates are split evenly between lay and clergy. Beginning with a few pages at the Christmas […]

Teammates Call A Prayer Formation

As if glued by grief, they hung to the edges of the high school walls. The colorful paper strips for the memory chain sat in untouched stacks next to photos of the suddenly deceased. Grief counselors and teachers stood by ready to talk, but the young people gripped by shock did not even talk to […]