in this place… in this moment… I give thanks

At this moment, in this place, I am thankful For the privilege to pastor leaders on the moon shot, rocket scientists, engineers, technicians,  educators,  fighter pilots,  officers, enlisted, civil servants, business leaders, medical professionals, professors, entrepreneurs, artists, writers, musicians, community builders, and home makers.  When I slow down and think about all the gifts, talents, […]

my generous wife and un-missed money

I came home from church feeling on top of the world.  Our special UMCOR offering for Tsunami relief almost equaled to our regular Sunday offering.  I felt deep pride for the people of my little church.   Over pot roast I exclaimed “Connie, you will not believe how much the people gave for the Indonesia Tsunami!” […]

prayer for veterans

Almighty God, Giver of life, Creator of all We long for the day spoken of by the prophet Isaiah When your Love and Light eclipses our sin When You come to judge the nations, when all swords shall be hammered into ploughshares,   and all spears crafted into pruning-hooks; when nation shall not lift up sword […]