Wanting to throw Jesus off a cliff

My Grandmother commissioned a widowed neighbor, Joyce Montgomery, to paint their farm house. The folk-art painting stirs up feelings for “down home” where my mother and all her sibling were born. It’s lovely, but not an accurate portrait.   The background should include a smokehouse, repair shop, root cellar, chicken coop, brooder house, and a large […]

Jesus: Iconoclast shattering cultural Christianity

The headline offended me and I resisted reading.   However, “what religion would Jesus belong to?” (NYTimes) spoke of a cultural Christianity gone to seed and drifting away from Jesus’ founding moral vision. We are a nation of religious illiterates. Half of us who claim to be Christians can’t name the four Gospels and 80% believe […]

9/11 the good the fight

Connie and Maureen Meehan worked together as Physical Therapists in the late 1980s. Bill Meehan kept dinner lively with his engaging New York attitude.  Occasionally, we babysat for the Meehans. Little Billy’s first grade picture graced their refrigerator. On Picture Day, Billy came to breakfast with only one eyebrow, at first denying playing with his […]