Wholeness in an anxious political season

According to a Harris Poll, 52 percent of Americans are dealing with a high level of stress related to the election (Talking to Your Therapist about Election Anxiety- NYT Oct 20). This ugly election is fraying friendships, eroding empathy amid differences, and dissolving longstanding decency boundaries. With fewer friends, strained empathy, and muddied boundaries we […]

I endorse the Prince of Peace

This week a dear church friend implored me to get behind a candidate. In these anxious and ugly days, I am tempted to endorse a candidate, but as your shepherd I do not see this as my role. Growing up Baptist, we learned how the state persecuted early Baptists. We welcomed a separation of church […]

Jesus- bigger than the Bible

Why did it take our Methodist Church some 1956 years to live into Jesus’ Easter commission of women preachers?  How do we square Paul’s teachings about women with the words and spirit of Jesus ?    Why are we so slow to follow? Luke chapter 10 begins with Jesus sending out 72 disciples healing and proclaiming that “The kingdom of God has come near […]