misunderstanding Jesus

As a college sophomore, I spent the summer as Southern Baptist Summer Missionary, in Minnesota trying to convert the Lutherans.  We mostly worked with refugees from Vietnam and Laos, but we spent two weeks going door to door, knocking on doors in a small Wisconsin town, whose name escapes me.  We worked with Pastor What’s-His-Name, […]

for Michael Williams and Mom

Risking frosts Stems ascend   Lifting green ovules towards Heaven unfurling yellow, pink and purple prayer banners      to dance in praise amid breeze and rain   Who builds believing only buttercups will remain?   Who erects fences knowing   long after cedar posts collapse into the dust   and barbed wires slowly rust that […]


The weight of Holy week bears down on Jesus- feet washing, bread breaking, Peter boasting, Gethsemane praying, disciples sleeping, Judas betraying, Peter denying, everyone scattering, mothers weeping, preachers lying, bishops whispering, governors conspiring, crowds mocking, thorns piercing, soldiers crucifying, sky darkening, sunshine hiding, earth quaking, love bleeding, hope dying.  “Now my soul is troubled, what […]

more than belief

“For God so loved the world!” What a beautiful image. Imagine, the Creator delighting in us,  like a mother holding her new child. God loves us- sinners, prodigals, and misfits.     “For God so loved the world that God gave..”   What does Love do? Love gives. The Creator gives love, life, breath, thought, sunsets, […]

The Time is Now.

Jesus came to Nashville announcing God’s Good News: “The time is now! God’s kingdom is coming. Change your hearts and lives, and trust the Good News!”   Is our world in need of Good News? Now is the time for faith, hope, and love. Now is the time to temper our speech, soften our hearts […]