in this place… in this moment… I give thanks

At this moment, in this place, I am thankful

  • For the privilege to pastor leaders on the moon shot, rocket scientists, engineers, technicians,  educators,  fighter pilots,  officers, enlisted, civil servants, business leaders, medical professionals, professors, entrepreneurs, artists, writers, musicians, community builders, and home makers.  When I slow down and think about all the gifts, talents, skills, resources, wisdom, experience, and knowledge in our church I am humbled to be a leader here and hopeful for what God might do in our midst.
  • For architecture that beckons us to worship.   Our sanctuary points the traveler on Jackson Street or the soul pausing in the pew towards God.   Each Sunday,  sunlight dances through glowing stained glass windows greeting us with beauty, legacy and life.  Preaching my first sermon of the day: widows, woodwork, and spires remind me that others stood where I now stand.  We belong to a great cloud of witnesses.   
  • For needy folks in Coffee County naming us “the church on Sonic hill”.  I lament the hunger and need, but I am proud we feed, clothe, encourage, and pray with over 100 persons each week.
  • For our Dossett Chapel campus sharing love, hope, meals and the Good News to children and families in Dossett Homes.
  • For our First Light leaders and worship service which offers another doorway into Faith.
  • For our FAC building hosting worship, Spirit Fit, a Turkey dinner feeding 500,  Hamilton’s home cooking,  hoops,  Rotary, Horse Play, ArstistoCats,  Kiwanis’ Craft Show,   Tullahoma Middle Soccer banquet, fiddlers, fun, fitness and fellowship all within a three week span.
  • For our staff.
  • For lay persons living out their baptismal vows to minister in Christ’s name. 
  • For good schools
  • For enough to eat
  • For good memories streaming from my childhood
  • For the welcome you extend to Connie, Lewis, Caleb and my mother.
  • For friends from Nashville driving down for a birthday
  • For the opportunity to worship and speak without fear 
  • For orange, yellow and red leaves cascading, rustling, dancing down from a clear blue sky
  • For thirty one trees, two teenage boys and rakes
  • For roads, firefighters, police, paramedics,  hospitals, telephones…
  • For heat, electric, gas, water, coats, shoes, shelter…
  •  For those who serve, defend, work and sacrifice for liberty, peace and justice.
  • For the handiwork and inspiration of the Creator
  • For salvation, forgiveness, peace and our pathway in Christ
  • For the hope, strength and courage in God’s Spirit
  • For breath, laughter, love, and life 

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