Wreath Devotion 

December 9-15-Advent week 2

You shall call him “Jesus, for this child shall save people from their sins”


“Jesus” the name means “God’s Salvation”

Jesus, we call you Savior; but, what do you come to save us from?

Save us from the stain, sickness, sorrow, sadness, and separation of sin

Save us from weeping, mourning, and grinding our teeth at misspent lives

Save us from our worst selves, our lowest moments, our deepest failings

Save us from nakedness, impurity, idolatry, greed, drunkenness, lust and maneuverings

Save us from enmity, strife, jealousy, anger, fights, factions, quarrels, dissention, and un-forgiveness

Save us for love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness and self control

Jesus, Savior, God’s Salvation- come and fit us for Heaven

Come Lord Jesus- save us

Come Lord Jesus- forgive us

Come Lord Jesus- leads us


As we light these two candles, let us remember: God is with us. God comes to save us. 

Come Lord Jesus, Save usAmen  


Passages for daily reflection as we read

and light the candles


Mathew 2:18-25 . What does it mean that Jesus comes to save us from our sins?  What sins keep you from knowing the peace, power and love of God?   If we are saved from our sins, then what are we saved for? What will replace the sin in our lives?


 Matthew 4.12- 17.  Jesus begins his ministry preaching that God’s Kingdom has come near.  Do you think we are saved right now in order to live in God’s Kingdom on earth as in heaven? What patterns might call us to repent( turn toward/around) and align our living with the Kingdom

of Heaven?


Matthew 16:24-27 Jesus speaks of the costliness of our salvation.  Do you think salvation is simply a matter of belief for action? What does it mean to allow Jesus to save our actions?  Do we really believe if we do not intend to act differently?

Ephesians 2: 1- 10 speaks of our separation from God caused by sin.   Paul speaks of God’s rich mercy and great love fitting us to live into good works as our lifestyle.   How does faith in Christ bring about a better happier way of life?  What can you do to step into the good works God created you for?  How does laying aside sin, relate to stepping into Christ-likeness? 

Luke 2:8-20.  How does Luke express the news of the Savior’s birth?  Ponder how Christ’s Emmanuel (God-with-us) presence brings joy and encouraging news to this life.   How is salvation expressed in our lives?  Who can you share the good news with today? How might a call, an email or Facebook post help others find the savior?


Galatians 5:18-25 I based part of my Advent Wreath Prayer on this passage. Paul contrasts the fruit of a life rooted in the fleshy/selfish/sinful mind and one rooted in God’s Spirit.  Do we trust the Savior to guide us away from such attitudes and into the fruits of Spiritual living?  Which life brings greater satisfaction or joy?  Paul’s list definitely notes multiple sins springing from un-forgiveness. Can we be aligned with Christ and holding onto quarrels, jealousy and such emotions? 

Mark 8:4-8 & 11-18  How in the parable does a person become disconnected with God’s saving word? How does the Savior want to grow roots into our daily lives?  Pray, asking God to show you how to live into your salvation. 

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