Pick a habit for the day

A few focusing Holy Habits
for any day during or after Lent
Pick one to do each day until Easter
Add your own to the list
Add these to your daily Scripture and Prayer

• As you eat a meal, give thanks for of every person involved in bringing the food to you from seed to table.

• Fast and pray and give your “lunch money” to a local hunger ministry

• Fast and pray and give your “lunch money” to world hunger ministry

• Consider your relationships. Practice forgiveness.

• Repentance means re-orienting ourselves to God. Where do you need to repent?

• Put your prayers in motion: call someone who is sick

• When you lay down, think of 7 good things that happened that day

• Practice thanksgiving, write a “thank you” to someone

• Practice thanksgiving: sit or walk and observe the Creator’s art gallery

• Lay aside TV, Face-book, or video games for the (hour, day, week, every Friday, Lent)

• Pray with another person today.

• Do something nice for someone “who does not deserve it”

• Make and post a list of things, people, events you are thankful for

• Declare today: “drive like Jesus day”

• Declare today: “Facebook like Jesus day”

• Plan a special meal with friends or family

• Pray the Lord’s Prayer at every meal and snack today

• Pray: “Lord have mercy” or “Thanks be to God” after any news item

• As you eat with others discuss what Jesus might talk about if he sat at your table.

• During your daily prayer and reading time ask: “am I doing all in my power to uphold my church?”

• Declare today: “pray for the hard to love day”

• Pray for those who make you angry

• Research, or better yet, listen to another person’s divergent views without comment.

• Contact an elected official to simple say, “I prayed for you today”

• Fix a grudge

• Be mindful of firefighters, police, utility, medical, sanitation and essential workers.

• Be mindful of those today without work

• Close your eyes and be still for 7 minutes

• Clean up a mess you did not make

• Visit umcore.com

• Meet a neighbor

• Waste 7 minutes

• Declare today: “graceful words day”

• Be mindful of those without shelter, food, clean water.

• Be mindful of soldiers

• Be mindful of those caught in war zones

• Be mindful that from noon to 3pm Christ hung on the cross

• Be more generous

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