a prayer that we might be a sanctuary for doubters

Almighty God,
Grow among us, your sinful children, a sanctuary for doubts, questions, and fears
Oh Christ, you welcome us, help us welcome questioners, doubters, searchers, seekers
As you carry our sin, help us to lift our crosses and carry one another
As you hear our prayer,teach us to listen to each other
Creator God, may we never take your good gift of life for granted
May we never walk this earth unmindful of your sustaining grace
Let us live: asking, seeking, knocking, praising, learning, questioning, growing
Oh Spirit, who birthed our souls, remind us to tend to the spiritual life
As members of your family teach us how to share life’s joy and grief
Bind us together in Your Perfect love
Giver of Thought, make us restless with easy answers and vapid entertainment
Keeper of Time, awaken us from distractions that keep us from the inner, spiritual, deepest living
Holy One, engage us with ultimate concern for the beauty of each passing moment
Divine Word, enlighten Your Word so that we might know life-joyful and abundant.

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