prayer for a shut-down

Almighty God, Heal our land

Forgive us

For we have turned from Your paths

And we have turned away from each other

Come bring wisdom


Remind us that one day all things will be made known

Free us from our craven consumerism, greedy idolatry and narrow self-interest

Quench the partisan desires for reelection that trample good governance

Expose even the most cleverly convinced bribes

Rebuke the personalities and pundits who smile while others suffer

Strike down sound-biters, division-mongers, name callers and game-players

Stir into our souls a holy intolerance for political theater, pandering or grandstanding

Teach us to measure leaders by doing more than blaming or promising

Raise up within us courageous visionary leaders


Restore to us the common good

Let us recapture the common ground

Rekindle our concern for the general welfare

Teach us to love our neighbors

Perfect our union


Awaken our better selves

And lead us into better days

Where goodness, justice, peace and prosperity rule at home

And around this world that You so love.


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