a veteran’s day prayer

Almighty God, Giver of life, Creator of all

We long for the day spoken of by the prophet Isaiah

When your Love and Light eclipses our sin

When You come to judge the nations,
when all swords shall be hammered into ploughshares,   and all spears crafted into pruning-hooks;
when nation shall not lift up sword against nation,  and no one shall they learn war any more.


Until that glorious day,  Your ear is attuned to  the suffering cry of your people

You hear the cry of the oppressed, the crushed, the attacked, and the terrorized

You hear our prayer “deliver us from evil”

Lord, You call up Moses, Abraham, Gideon, Deborah, Saul, Jonathon and David

To defeat Goliath, to stand against Pharaoh, and rescue Lot

Your call goes forth

To defend, the widow, the orphan,  the stranger, and those the huddled in fear

To defeat tyranny, injustice, oppression, terror, holocaust, genocide, inhumanity and evil

Help us honor the service and remember the cost born by those who answer Your call to defend and liberate


Today, we come to remember, memorialize and honor veterans

We lift up to you all who have taken up arms in defense of the lives and freedom of others

We honor the valor, courage, and sacrifice of our soldiers


We come to You, Oh Lord, lifting up diplomats, presidents, officers, prophets and people working for peace

We ask your guidance in our ongoing struggle with forces of oppression and terror throughout the world

We remember, thank and honor our veterans

We prayerfully remember all who have sacrificed their lives for democracy, peace and justice

We pray for all wounded on fields of battle

We remember those hurt by invisible wounds seen in distant fields

We lift up orphans, widows, widowers, spouses, and parents

who grieve for those making the ultimate sacrifice for justice, peace and freedom

Lord, turn our remembering into just policy and ample provision for their needs

We remember those lost in combat, taken prisoner in war, or missing in action

comfort and uphold them and their families

We pray for strength and courage for all who strap on boots, pick up arms and stand to face evil

We lift up to you, sons, daughters, husbands, wives, moms, dads, grandparents, neighbors and friends who

long for a soldier’s safe return.     Speed that day.

We pray for victims suffering in places of oppression, genocide, tyranny, terror and war.

We pray for enemies of freedom, decency and life; that they might turn to a just and peaceful path


We ask your divine protection upon all who defend life, liberty, and human rights

Speed that day when sons and daughters do not need to step onto battle fields

Lead us not into temptation, Deliver us from evil;

Let us remember only through your power can we heal our sin-sick world

May your Kingdom of justice, freedom and peace come and your Holy will be done

On earth as in heaven, amen


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