reflecting on a new year

2020 is perhaps the most challenging year for our city, our nation, or world, and our churches in a very long time. Our collective struggle and personal tribulations brought by Covid, isolation, deepening civil polarization, poverty, and systemic racism will not disappear at the stroke of midnight. Dr. Martin Luther King advises that “no social […]

Remembering, Thanking, Pausing- For All The saints

Almighty God, Giver of Life We give you thanks for all the saints Who worshiped you in spirit and truth Who sang your praises Whose hearts beat in harmony with you We praise you for sharing their lives with us.   Oh, Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord We give you thanks for all the […]

Oregon, Charlestown, Sandy Hook… grief and peace

This morning I awoke ill at ease. I had this dis-quiet in my spirit. I picked up my coffee and sat down for my Sunday ritual of prayer and a final sermon edit. Oregon sat heavy on my heart. I felt my prepared sermon was sufficient for the day. As I drove to church for […]