“I Have A Dream” prayer

God, our refuge and our strength,     we feel the fierce urgency of the now. We long to save the soul of our nation.* We can not be satisfied with injustice- anywhere. We lift up those who endure excessive trials and tribulation. May your creative power redeem their suffering. In our struggles, keep us free from […]

a sermon for our nation

Aboard a ship to Massachusetts in 1630, JOHN WINTHROP, who twelves times would be elected governor of the New England Colony, laid out a covenant for the Puritan settlers of the new world. Hear the communal ideas grounding “A Model of Christian Charity”. Winthrop wrote: “There are two rules whereby we are to walk one […]

Where do we go from here? Dr. King’s Question for 2016.

“Where Do We Go From Here?” In 1972 Dr. Martin Luther King looked around America and asked that question. King saw two fundamental and divergent responses to the problems that have plagued America since long before the civil rights movement and continue to infect our society in 2016. Some may think our current terrorism is […]

Memorial Day Sermon from 2012

The year my Dad died we traveled to Washington D.C. to celebrate my brother earning his doctorate. We visited the Mall and the memorials. On a beautiful spring day, we gazed upon the lifelike Korean War soldiers cast in bronze moving up a slight slope. The bronze troops wore raincoats, ponchos and other winter gear. […]