my 9/11 prayer

Our Father

Loving and Sovereign Lord, we cry out to You for justice, healing and peace.


Who art in Heaven

We long for Heaven where faith, hope and love reign eternal.


Holy is Your Name

Your path is Holy, never hateful, vengeful, unjust or prejudiced.


Your Kingdom come

Your Kingdom comes as we walk justly, love mercy, and speak with reverent humility.


Your will be done

Align our planning with Your great command to treat neighbors, strangers, and aliens with the loving-kindness we seek for ourselves.


On earth as it is in Heaven

Lord, let us not wait for Heaven to do Your will.


Give us this day our daily bread

Use us to nourish the homeless veterans, refugees, children taught hate, grieving, wounded,   terrorized, and hopeless.


And forgive us our trespasses

Oh Lord, before You, every word and deed will be laid bare-  forgive us.


As we forgive those who trespass against us

Stung by evil, we wrestle with forgiving. Help us release even the wicked into Your perfect     love and judgment.


And lead us not onto tempting paths

Holy Shepherd, teach us to resist injustice, reject evil, and restore peace.


But deliver us from evil 

Oh, that You might slay any wickedness within us and our enemies.


For Yours is the Kingdom

One day Lord, Your love will win.


And the Power

Lord, empower us to overcome evil with good.


And Your glory will reign forever and ever

Lord, let Your unapproachable Holiness light our night and restore our sight. Shine through     and in us forever.



Lord, So be it in our souls.


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