Chalottesville’s ground

Lord, as they hoist hateful flags, does the blood drawn by the bondsman’s lash still cry out from Charlottesville’s ground? Jesus, you hung upon that tree, enduring the mob’s taunts, the politician’s calculations, and the preacher’s silence; forgive us for locking doors and averting our eyes. Give us ears to hear the fears and frustrations of those targeted by hate. Bring us courage to live into our baptismal vows resisting evil, oppression, and injustice. Give us wisdom, compassion, and the resolve to reclaim our misguided youth caught in a web of racist lies. Come Holy Spirit, empower us to live the Gospel: marching the path of peace, hearing hurts, finding harmony, speaking truth, loving neighbors, welcoming strangers, advancing justice, providing sanctuary, defending the oppressed, feeding the hungry, healing the sick, and offering redemption to enemies, so that Your blessed community may arise in us and Your will be done on earth as in Heaven. Amen.

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