A prayer for the Way Forward

As a people of the cross and the flame,

we face a profound choice.

We can stand with the legalists or literalists,

or we can follow the Spirit who leads us into all truth.

We can cling to the letter that kills,

or be renewed by the Spirit who gives life. (2 Corinthians 3)

Let us remember Jesus’ promise to be with us to the end,

and has given us the keys to the kingdom,

empowering us to loose and to bind. (Matthew 16:19)

We are the “uncircumsized” Greeks, once called unclean.  (Acts 10:28)

We chose to loose and not bind

We choose grace over law

We choose blessings instead of curses

We choose life not death.

We ordain women despite 1 Timothy 2:11

We marry divorced people despite Matthew 19

We name slavery as morally repugnant despite Titus 2:9

We reject the stoning of sabbath breakers.

And we love our shrimp and pork barbecue.

So, “What sort of church will we become?”

Will we offer a marriage blessings to all who seek it

or keep denying some people a Christian wedding?

Will we consider God’s call upon all people

or categorically reject some people’s call?

Let us follow the Spirit and welcome everyone

to the baptismal font, the Lord’s Table,  mariage kneeler, and the pulpit.  Amen.

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