Forget the glorious past- I Am is with us.

When you pass through the waters…. When you swim through the river to the last station….. When the Lord, makes a way through the sea, cutting a path through the mighty waters….. Don’t remember that- don’t ponder ancient history. Look! Right now! I Am is doing a new thing; it sprouts up; don’t you recognize […]

Finding Hope by dying to consumerism

I grew up in a different theological zip code than Belmont, as my childhood church served up occasional samples of hell-fire, with a dose of fear, and a pinch of guilt. We never canceled Wednesday children’s choir for Halloween.  Instead, we hosted alternate fall festivals, carefully never saying “Halloween.” While dating Connie some 30 years […]

Waiting for Hope- Advent One- Sermon and Candle Lighting

A heart for hope Advent Candle Reading Number One   The land was devastated. The prophet Jeremiah imprisoned. Through tears Jeremiah preached of a coming hope. The Lord will rebuild. The Lord will restore. The Lord will cleanse. The Lord will heal. The Lord is our hope. Call to the Lord! Our God will answer! […]