Come, cradle us in your love

“As a mother comforts her child,

So I will comfort you, says the Lord,   

You will be comforted.”

As babies nurse in their mother’s arms,

Lord, cradle us within your love!

(from Isaiah 61)

Oh God- Our Mother

Today, we pause in praise of mothers,  

who carried us

whose labor pushed us into life

and we give thanks for all who raise us up.

We know this day brings both delight and disappointment

wipe away our tears

Hold our laughter

and fill our hearts with hope


You count the hairs on our head

and take notice of every scraped knee.

You know the worst of our plotting and plans

You forgive us 70 times and seven times more

You know us completely

and love us anyway.  

Wash away our sins

Teach us your love  

Gentle and Strong

Graceful and Bold

Persistence and Kind

Wise and Courageous

Selfless and Whole

Just and Good

So that being so loved

we grow to love your children everywhere. Amen  


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