Prayers for UMC-next gathering

May 18, 2019

Dear Belmont Family,

As we continue to live into these times of change and transition, I am thankful to be joining a larger conversation about what’s next for the UMC to help shape and create the next Methodism – a Methodism defined by Wesleyan theology, a missional focus, evangelism and social justice, and being a church that fully welcomes LGBTQ persons and their families and friends into the life of the church.

This next conversation is being held at the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection May 20-22, 2019, in Kansas City. Ten persons from each of the 54 U.S. Annual Conferences have been invited to participate, along with the active U.S. Bishops, and the General Secretaries of the church.

On Sunday night, John Pearce and I will travel to Kansas City to join this time of discernment, discussion, and prayer. Rev. Greg Bergquist will also be there as a representative of the Cal-Nevada Conference. John, Greg, and I covet your prayers.

In these times of uncertainty and change, let us lean into the promise of our baptismal vows that we are each a beloved child of God. Let us continue to be a community of Christ followers growing in love of God and neighbor and continue to pray for a United Methodist Church that welcomes all.

Grace and Love,

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