Why I hope to be a delegate to G.C. 2020

Theses are the answers I provided for the Tennessee Conference Pre-Conference Handbook. cropped-img_3358


Please state in 100 words or less why you feel called to be a delegate to the 2020 General/Jurisdictional Conferences.


We are divided.  We need new pathways forward. I came to faith inside the evangelical church.  During college the Quadrilateral wooed me with open hearts, open minds, resisting injustice, scriptural and social holiness.  Back in 2015, I presented a “One Church Plan” on pastorpaulpurdue.com. I wrote “The Bible and Homosexuality” while serving FUMC Tullahoma. As an alternate to Jurisdictional Conference,  I attended GC 2016 delegate meetings. I will advocate for full inclusion and methodologies that allow each theological camp to enact their understanding of faithful ministry. I will pray, prepare, listen, and work for pathways that nourish vital local church ministry.     


Please note: only the first 100 words of your statement will be included in publications. Please state your vision for the United Methodist Church in 100 words or less.


Something must change. Currently, our Discipline welcomes everyone to our two sacraments, Baptism and Holy Communion, while categorically excluding some from God’s marriage covenant and call. To declare “All are welcomed” and some “incompatible” is incongruous. The WCA declares “everything needed to launch a new Methodist movement”  is in place. We see certain Scriptures differently. If we cannot think enough alike to remain united, then let us do no harm to our Christian siblings. Let us find ways to live together or release each other with faith in God, hope for effective mission, and love for all.         


Please list candidate’s leadership and commitments with the local church, district and annual, jurisdictional, and General conference levels from 2016-2019.
Secretary for Conference Finance and Administration 2012- present, Co-Chair Funding and Finance Subcommittee of Bishop’s Advisory Group on Uniting with Memphis AC  2018- present, BOM Residents in Ministry Team Leader 2019,  Alternate  to Jurisdictional Conference 2016, Murfreesboro District Organizational Lead Team 2015-2017, TAC Camping and Retreat 2016- present, Murfreesboro District Superintency Committee 2014-2017,  Executive Committee of Partners In Healing 2011-2017, Appointments: Tullahoma FUMC 2011, Belmont 2018.

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