My Parent’s Gift

I don’t believe the same beliefs 
that my mother did 
but we share the same faith.

I don’t fear the same devils 
that my grandparents did 
but we share the same hope

I don’t cherish the same laws
that my father did 
but we share the same love 

Faith advances unseen 
Hope preserves 
Love never fails

These three
Faith Hope Love 
root us 
and remain forever

One thought on “My Parent’s Gift

  1. Paul, wise words. I enjoy your
    writings, and look forward to
    your views. I loved to visit with
    your Mother. She enjoyed
    walking down my road and
    seeing cows, birds and just
    enjoying! Pray for our church,
    New Chapel, and others are
    struggling. May we live through
    this virus and come out stronger.
    God Bless You and Your Family.

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