Voting with Jesus

If you want to follow Jesus into the voting booth, then remember what Jesus taught and did.

  1. Jesus provided free healthcare, everywhere he went. (Matthew 4:23, 8:16, 9:35, 10:1, 10:8, 14:35, and 25:36)
  2. Two rules: Love God. Love  your neighbors, strangers and enemies. 
  3. Motivated by compassion Jesus worked to end suffering on earth. Blessed are the poor, the hungry,  those mourning, the meek, the merciful, the pure hearted, the peacemakers, the persecuted, and the prophets. ( Matthew 5 & Luke 6)
  4. “You cannot serve God and wealth.” Matthew 6:24
  5. Our words reveal our hearts and by our words God will judge us. (Matthew 12)
  6. God is not impressed with people who name Jesus as Lord, instead naming as righteous those who do God’s work while on earth. (Matt 7)
  7. Greatness is defined by service of others. ( John 20:20-34)
  8. Jesus was a refugee to Egypt.
  9. Jesus was crucified by a coalition of popular religious leaders and politicians.
  10. Life’s Final Exam examines the ways we care for those labeled as less important.  Jesus will ask us: did you feed the hungry, provide clean water, take in immigrants, clothe the poor, provide for the sick, and encourage the prisoner? (Matthew 25)

I hope you will vote for people who represent Jesus’s teaching and lifestyle.

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