A Prayer for the Election

Creator, Christ, Comforter 

We come to you, bringer of Justice, Mercy and Love 

Our nation is anxious as we elect leaders

Our hearts are hardened and fingers extended: 

Eyes averted, vision divided, fears rising 

Ears stopped up, slogans reheated, points not conceded 

Walls higher, lines sharper, words harsher

Does forgiveness only come when we forgive each other?

Can You heal us if we fail to heal others? 

Today, we pray with the Psalmist 

Help our rulers find the right path for all the people

Let them champion our fight against poverty and inequality

Let them teach peace for our neighbors and opponents

Break the cycles of violence, injustice and oppression

Filling us with compassion for all who are weak or needy 

Bring gentle rains upon the fields, feeding all who hunger  

May such just leaders endure on the earth

May their names linger gently across the nations  

Oh Jesus, our Christ, who bore the pain of unjust rulers and clerics

Oh Great I AM, who hears the cries of all oppressed peoples

Oh Spirit of Comfort and Fire, who sends Moses, John, and Ester 

Let us never blame You for our human sinfulness.

For we know that no matter whoever we elect,

Your kin-dom comes through hard labor.

So enliven us with a deeper vision of humanity, justice and peace:

Soften our hearts and open our hands 

Let us look in the other’s eyes and cast out phony fears 

Let us learn to listen, analyze, and concede whatever is truth

Breaking down walls, crossing closed borders, moderating our words

Hearing the cries, defending the oppressed, standing with the forgotten

Turning from blame, marching for freedom, and carrying another’s cross

Feeding the hungry, healing the sick, visiting the prisoner 

Oh Almighty God, Love, closer than our breath

Keep us working to build your kin-dom

With faith, hope and love

On earth as in heaven. Amen.

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