The Lord’s Prayer: practicing presence

Last week, Sarah McWhirt-Toler shared how our lives can fill up with to-do lists that seem to crowd out life.  She asked, “What possessions do we need to shed so that we might be present with God?” Jesus had quite a to-do list: heal the sick, proclaim the Good News, feed the hungry, save the […]

Blessed are the peacemakers- being mistaken for the Children of God

I awoke at 3am, perhaps, because of the NYT interactive graphic “477 Days, 521 Mass shootings, Zero Action from Congress”  I read before bed. Unable to return to sleep, I went and dusted off a sermon from 2015.   Sadly, it was easy to rework it for another shooting.   I awoke grieving for Las Vegas, […]

Christmas Peace must flows from our hearts into our world

After cousin Eddie parks his RV in front of the Griswold home, a squirrel attacks grandma, cousin Eddie’s Rottweiler destroys the dining room, Aunt Edna’s cat bites into a string of lights, the Christmas tree burns up along with Uncle Lewis’ toupee, the Christmas bonus turns out to be a Jelly of The Month Club, and […]