Jeff Sessions, Lydia, MLK, and the Bible

This week Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, spoke “to our church friends” reminding the nation of Paul’s injunction to “obey the government.”  Sessions did not keep on reading in Romans 13, where he might have heard Paul call us “to pay taxes” or to the deepest moral law  to “love our neighbors as ourselves”. Now, how […]

A prayer for the Way Forward

As a people of the cross and the flame, we face a profound choice. We can stand with the legalists or literalists, or we can follow the Spirit who leads us into all truth. We can cling to the letter that kills, or be renewed by the Spirit who gives life. (2 Corinthians 3) Let […]

People, what are you doing?

Marcus Borg guesses that about a third of Christians like the Apostle Paul, a third hold a mixed view, and a third dislike Paul. Should we take a show of hands? Maybe a vote on Barnabas, who traveled with Paul. How can you dislike one named “son of encouragement?” Borg believes many Christians misunderstand Paul. […]

Sent- “The Lord be with You!”

Sent on a Spiritual Journey into the World!   Back before cell phones, wifi, or even cable TV, we got bored every summer.  We invited fun. playing home-run derby with a wiffle-ball or riding our bikes over a little ramp through the sprinkler like Evel Knievel. One day, we were all down at Joey’s when […]

Why are you looking towards Heaven?

Have you ever watched someone you love lift off in a hot air balloon or seen the space shuttle blast off to outer space? You will find yourself watching it drift out of sight. Jesus said, “‘You will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in […]

When it seems all is lost- love nudges us

In the year my Aunt Margarette died, and then my father, I began accompanying mother to Camp Nelson, Frankfort, Willisburg, and Rockbridge cemeteries. We cut lilacs, lilies, and Black-eyed Susans from her yard and placed them in coffee cans wrapped in aluminum foil. When mom moved into our home in Tennessee, we cut wildflowers from […]

misunderstanding Jesus

As a college sophomore, I spent the summer as Southern Baptist Summer Missionary, in Minnesota trying to convert the Lutherans.  We mostly worked with refugees from Vietnam and Laos, but we spent two weeks going door to door, knocking on doors in a small Wisconsin town, whose name escapes me.  We worked with Pastor What’s-His-Name, […]