5 tools to make sense of the Bible

With the invention of the telescope, Galileo’s math began to reshape the long held church-state understanding that the earth was the center of the universe. Instead of embracing the unfolding scientific truth, the church clung to a literal interpretation of scripture, citing passages like Psalm 104:5 “God set the earth on its foundations; so that […]

God is in your corner!

A few months after my dad died, my brother John and I sat by the fire pit telling tales when John mused, “You know, I was thinking that one of those people who would bail you out of jail is now gone. There are not too many of those!.”  John’s words stirred my grief, so […]

A Love Letter to The People Called Methodist

Thirty years ago, I could not imagine I would fall in love with the United Methodist Church. The first time I visited Centenary UMC in Lexington, KY, I lined up a second “more theologically acceptable” church for us to visit later that morning. Connie, my spouse, had to employ some strategic guilt to get me […]

Love gets to know people

I have had a few nicknames conveyed by coaches and youth groups – Sledgehammer, Turquoise, Dr. P, Abraham Lincoln (it’s a long story about seminary Greek and a blizzard), Dr. P, P, P-Funk, Triple P and one of my favorite swim team coaches called my brother “Purdue” and me “Purdon’t”.   If you had a spiritual […]

Imagining a playful faith

When our unchurched friends think about the Bible, they often picture a compendium of  “thou-shalt-nots”, “oughts”, and flat out “nos”. Deuteronomy 16 offers an unexpected command to give ourselves over to celebration, to feasting, and to renewal. The Passover Feast rules revisits God’s weekly calendar: “on the seventh day will be a celebration for the […]