boston prayer

Holy Comforter, we come to you acknowledging our shock and loss

This tragedy stirs in us tears, fears, bewilderment and outrage

We recall past wounds, crimes and heartache

Help us lift our first feelings of fear, despair and rage to You

Slow our tongues, quicken our minds, awake our better selves

Guide us along your path of justice, peace and mercy

God of Healing, bring comfort to those mourning

Strengthen the injured: heal their bodies, minds and souls

Be with those traumatized by this day and past injuries, stresses and losses

Assist each hand working to heal our injured brothers and sisters

Bring courage, comfort, and insight to our first responders, military and civil leaders

Free us from acrimony, rashness, meanness, and division.

Strengthen us with moral courage, patience for justice, and bravery to live beyond fear

Rally us to stand together

Giver of Life, we can’t grasp why anyone despises your wonderful gift of life

We fail to comprehend those who want to birth fear

We churn in anger and bend in sadness at such senseless evil

We reject the godless inhumanity that takes your good gift of life from our neighbors

We entrust the promoters and perpetrators of such violence to your perfect mercy and judgment.

God of Wisdom, let us remember:

only goodness conquers evil

only light ends night

hate only births hate and vengeance regurgitates revenge

Almighty Lord, You forgive and judge

We dwell in imperfect knowledge and understanding

Still, you call us to defend the widow and rescue the oppressed

Give us wisdom, compassion and courage

Free us from our patterns of sin, ignorance and rashness which obscure your path forward

Forgive us for the ways we fail to love our neighbors and you

Equip us for the toilsome labor of love and justice

Change us so that your kingdom might come, and your will be done in our lives as in heaven.


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