What s a Healthy church? sermon series

The Healthy Church Series:
What exactly do churches produce?
May 5: “Everyday Excellence: what does a healthy church produce?” Our Methodist bookseller, Cokesbury lists some 428 titles under “church growth” and 284 under “church marketing.” Somebody is writing a lot of books about how to grow churches, even as average overall worship attendance falls. Churches all over are adapting perhaps needed surface changes, but we might ask some deeper questions. What do churches make? What should we build our strategic planning, growth goals and marketing plans around? Christianity flows from a personal experience of the Risen Christ. Consider the personal nature of Jesus’ ministry. Think about the resurrection appearances to Magdalene, Peter, Thomas and Paul. After Easter, Jesus does not make a grand guest appearance atop the pinnacle of the Temple. Instead, the Risen Lord victorious over death, hell and sin appears to individuals. In John 21, Christ even makes breakfast for seven unproductive fishermen. Jesus continues to appear in people’s lives today. So the church’s “product” is not tied up so much in building or perhaps even groups. In Matthew 28:16-20, Jesus commissions the church “to make disciples”. Sunday we will ask the question: “If the church exists in order to replicate the life of Jesus in others, then what does a healthy church produce?”

The Healthy Church Series: Four Foundational Tools to Build a Great Church
May 19- Pentecost Sunday/Congregational Excellence: beyond the flash: building the Church God calls us to build.” From Creation, the image of God dwells in people. On Christmas, God lifted our human spirits entering into the human condition in the vulnerably of a child. On Good Friday, Jesus bore the sinfulness of the world. On Easter, Jesus conquered death and sin. On Pentecost, God’s power pours out on every nation, tribe and tongue empowering us to continue Christ’s work. Beyond Pentecost’s miraculous languages, pyrotechnics and altar call, the church’s pattern of success unfolds in Acts 2:42. Come explore the four elements of a successful church.

The Healthy Church Series: What impact are we making in Tullahoma?June 2 Missional Excellence occurs when we align our living with Christ. In Acts 9, God sends Ananias on a risky mission to a crazy religious extremist. God uses Ananias to heal Saul’s body and restore his spirit. An unhealthy church separates good works and spiritual change. The healthy church seeks to live as Christ feeding, healing, addressing poverty and injustice while preaching Good News.

The Healthy Church Series: Clergy Leadership in motion or mission?June 16 Pastoral Excellence: We are called to cultivate healthy leaders. Healthy leaders replicate Jesus in other’s lives. Come explore with us Acts 6:1-7.

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