Christian Quality Control: benchmarks for faithful living

How can we assure “Christian Quality Control” ?
Production Values for A Christ-Replicating Church
Benchmarks found in the Sermon on the Mount
Are we people, who _________ ?

o do not have to be right ( such folks will be blessed)
o are striving to live ethical, just and good lives ( such folks will be blessed)
o build peace ( such folks will be blessed)
o become poor to enrich others ( such folks will be blessed)
o others grow angry with because we speak the truth ( such folks will be blessed)
o are God’s flavor in a tasteless world
o shine so others can see the way
o never dwell long in anger
o don’t call names
o reconcile
o do not lust or covet
o are faithful
o are plainspoken
o disarm evil with good; even if we get slapped
o give
o love: love even our enemies
o pray even for the enemies of God
o don’t worry about who gets the credit or reward
o avoid a lot of pious fluffy God talk but simply empty ours heart to God in prayer
o forgive
o don’t make a show of faith
o don’t stockpile wealth
o know we cannot serve God and material possessions
o strive to make our world more like heaven
o keep on praying
o keep on seeking Godliness
o Keep on asking questions
o treat others as you want to be treated
o don’t quit but keep on shining when others fail to carry a candle into the darkness
o know God measures our living by our actions and attitudes
o eschew a faith rooted in formulas and showy spectacle (these are not Jesus’ people)
o anchor our life in Christ-like actions (these will uphold us during life’s storms)

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