A Prayer for Commerce

A few weeks ago I was asked to pray at the Chamber of Commerce Annual Diner.  I spent some time pondering how exactly to pray.  It struck me that God called working people: Abraham, Moses, Peter and Lydia.  Jesus even took on a trade.  I am not sure the church has articulated a good theology of work.  I offer this imperfect prayer below for all who work and lead in commerce.



Creator God,

You are the source of our life, our resources and our vocation


Lord, like a Farmer, You planted this earth as a garden

providing every seed, flower, fruit, and grain

You send the sun, the stars and the seasons to guide us.

You give us the gift of intellect and industry.

There is nothing in our hands you have not freely given to us.


Jesus, when You came to dwell with us

you took up the trade of carpentry.

You called shepherds, magi, fisherman, tax agents, tent-makers,  

clothing designers and even a Roman Centurion .

In you Creator and Christ, we see the beauty and dignity of work


Sovereign Lord,  who gives to us the good gifts of life and labor,

let us never forget that

you love honest scales

you hear the worker’s cry

that money never fully satiates

that we leave this material world without treasure or title.

Remind us that You stand with widows, orphans, and stranger.

Remind us that we love You by loving our neighbors

and that love demands fairness and justice for all people.


Holy Spirit, who guides us into all truth

Soften our hearts

Quicken our minds

Employ our hands

Increase our industry

Enhance our creativity

Expand our generosity

Humanize our commerce

So that every able hand may enjoy labor’s dignity

every soul may find shelter

every person experience justice

every stranger experience welcome

every child dream in peace

and together we might forge a blessed, prosperous,

just and generous community








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