the Bible affirms work

A Short  Roll Call of  Biblical Servants by Profession

 Adam, Eve, Able and Elisha who farmed

Abraham and Sara, shepherds and traders

Joseph a minister of agriculture

Erastus, a director of public works

Noah a vine-dresser, prophet, captain, zookeeper

David a shepherd, musician, poet, warrior, king

Bezalel and Aholiab builders silversmiths, artisans, and weavers

Heman, Asaph, and Ethan  musicians

Cornelius, Sampson, Uriah, and Saul  as soldiers

Aaron and Zachariah as priests

Debra to judge

Ezra to record

Apollos to teach

Isaiah to write

Cyrus to rule

Esther a queen

Simon a tanner

Zenas a lawyer

Luke a physician

Priscilla, Aquilla and Paul tent-makers

Matthew who kept accounts

Zachaeus a Chief tax collector

Lydia a merchant in fine linens

Peter Andrew James and John who fished

Jesus a carpenter

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