God of our Mothers

A Mother’s Day Prayer


God of our Mothers,

We come offering our thanks for life, love and mothers.

Through Eve, You give us the gift of life

Through Sarah, You bless every nation

Through prophets, preachers, and pastors: Huldah, Joanna, and Priscilla- You speak!

Through Mary you gave us the Perfect Revelation of Your love and grace

Let us listen as Wisdom cries out to her children


God of our Mothers, we come remembering

Oh God of our Mothers, let us walk as the Holy women of old

With Miriam let us dance and sing of your deliverance

With Ruth and Naomi let us celebrate the bonds of kinship

With Deborah let us honor those who lead and defend

With Huldah let us discern Your truth

With Hannah let us comfort all who long for children

With Mary let us weep with all whose children suffer

With Anna Your prophet, let us watch and pray for the worlds’ redemption

With Mary let us be your handmaiden- may we rejoice in Your Love

With Martha let us serve!

With Magdalene, Joanna, and Salome let us preach Your Good News

With Lois and Eunice let us pass to the generations a deep and abiding faith. Amen.


By Pastor Paul R Purdue

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