Jesus, cars and the Holy Spirit

I loved to sit in the front seat of my dad’s car pretending to drive. My lips powered the engine’s throaty roar as I shifted through imaginary gears passing AJ Foyt to take the checkered flag and drink the victorious milk at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. As much as I enjoyed those rides- the car never moved.

From time to time the church moves like a show car: well upholstered seats, a good radio, shimmering designs, plenty of gas, comfortable climate controls, excellent brakes and road worthy nestled behind velvet ropes. Cars are made for driving. Churches are made to follow Jesus somewhere. Christ’s narrow road is much more risky, fun, and demanding than any garage based faith.

In Acts 2, having soaked up the teaching of Jesus, the church parked comfortably in a spiritual garage. Suddenly, a sound like the roar of a powerful engine rattles the shop. The Holy Spirit sparks the Church towards it’s intended purpose. Tongues of fire flash. Doors open, gears turn, wheels spin and hearts race to life.

Life is too short to sit in the spiritual garage. The spiritual road beckons. The Holy Spirit stirs ignition, acceleration and exhilaration. Join us Sunday as we consider spiritual garages and the Holy Spirit on Pentecost Sunday. May the Holy Spirit turn the key in us.

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